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Siurbti My Summer Car (29.05.2017) Simulator (Racing) / 3D


Siurbti My Summer Car v29.05.2017.rar.torrent Atsisiųsti suarchyvuotą į gzip

Skyrius: Žaidimai AK
Dydis: 279.37 MB (292,936,186 baitai)
Įkeltas: 2019-08-21 17:13
Atsisiuntė: 108 (0 dalina, 0 siurbia = 0 susijungę)
  • Įvertinimas - 0, balsavo 1 (reikalingi bent 1 balsai)
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My Summer Car

Žanras: Simulator (Racing) / 3D
Išleidimo metai: 29.05.2017

Kūrėjas: Amistech Games
Platintojas: Amistech Games
Kalba: EN

Apie žaidimą:
-Fleetari does NOT fix the whole engine any more, ONLY broken individual parts (I forgot to add this to earlier changelog...)
-Made a fix for the moped an player scaling problems
-Fixed issue with "Rusting Fast" achievement where it was possible to trigger it with train crash
-Fixed parts order wait time not resetting properly
-Made changes to "starter helper" to prevent Van and Moped from exploding at certain situations
-Added wear and eventual failure simulation for some of the engine parts and gearbox, condition at game start is randomized
-Added possibility for total suspension failure, affects also the assembly phase
-Water Pump and Alternator operating friction is now calculated into total engine friction
-Added radiator fan sound
-Adjusted conditions of when Fleetari calls about the vandalism job
-Changed the logic how items are spawned after load, should help with the items getting all messed up
-Added Satsuma gear grinding for missed shifts (works only in H-shifter mode with manual clutch)
-Fixed Gifu reverse gear ratios
-Made it little less probable for exhaust pipes to fall of during game load
-Added fix for ForceFeedbackPlugin that should prevent application crash if FFB-compatible controller is not present
-Increased player grabbing force for ragdolls
-Roll cage removal service added to Fleetari repair shop
-Added replacement fiberglass hood
-Added Fire Extinguisher to put out car fire, also required to be installed for rally event
-Car fire will now break some engine components
-"Fleetari's revenge" has now more randomized spawn points
-Made Fleetari repair time longer
-Made postal order arrival time longer
-Hopefully fixed infamous issue with moped vanishing in thin air
-Fixed bug with Satsuma wheels having a memory leak if game was loaded when car was saved upside down
-Changed how physics steps are calculated, should increase calculations accuracy at sub 40-50fps situations
-Added "Feel Alive" achievement
-Drunk driver in little green car now takes the player all the way to home
-Kilju buyer keeps his money if you do not accept the payment and leave the house area

Sisteminiai reikalavimai:
*Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (x64)
*Процессор: 3.0 Ггц
*Оперативная память: 4 Гб
*Видеокарта: 1 Гб
*Место на жестком диске: 600 Мб

Kaip instaliuoti:
Extract, Play

Žaidimo pristatymas:

Info hash 6d3f63eefca4496aa6fe7e3f7226abf12ecbfd73
Skyrius Žaidimai AK
Aktyvumas Paskutinį kartą buvo dalinamas prieš 25d 21:38:55 (2020-11-08 15:03)
Dydis 279.37 MB (292,936,186 baitai)
Įkeltas 2019-08-21 17:13
Žiūrėjo 4378
Pasiėmė 1222
Nuorodos į šį torentą
Tiesioginė nuoroda
my summer car (29052017) simulator (racing) / 3d

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