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1.General rules.
1.1 The following rules are obligatory for all users of the tracker, from the leecher to the moderator (the management and administration that impose these rules may act by their own judgement).
1.2 is a private torrent-trakcer, and it's internal policies are determined only by the owner of thie resource. Nevertheless, the administration will accept all offers and requests that may improve the performance of the tracker.
1.3 Violation of these rules will lead to a punishment, ranging from a warning to blocking of the account, and in special circumstances to blocking the IP address of the violator. The decision of penalizing is made solely by the Administration, except for the punishments that are described in these rules.
1.4 It is prohibited to create a new account if your account is blocked by the Administration of the tracker. Regular examinations allow to find and block violators of that sort.
1.5 The administration welcomes all offers and comments that may improve the performance of the tracker, as well as all reports about the mistakes and defects of the tracker and forum.
1.6 General questions about the tracker are discussed in in "General questions and articles" section of the forum. Questions about various torrent-clients are discussed in the corresponding sections. If there is no corresponding section for your torrent-client on the forum you may address the question in the "General questions and articles" section.
1.7 All private problems of the users should be discussed by personal messages.
1.8 Only the work e-mail address is required when registering. We do not recommend to use free e-mail services like or because of their anti-spam systmes. If you don't receive the letter of confirmation of registration/re-registration please try to use a different e-mail provider or consult the FAQ.
1.9 The administration guarantees that none of your personal information, including the e-mail address, will ever be disclosed to a third person or used in any way without your consent. We also ask you to indicate any other means of communication (for example, ICQ number, Skype or MSN name) when registering.
1.10 It is prohibited to post links or texts similar to links to the sites with similar content on the site, the forum, or in the account signature.
1.11 It is prohibited to post any advertisements on the tracker or forum.
1.12 It is prohibited to post respect or antirespect points to users of the tracker without clear argumentation.
2.Discourse on the tracker and forum.
2.1 Only Russian can be used in conversations on the tracker and forum. All other languages, including transliteration and faulty language are strictly prohibited. All posts written in a language other than russian will be deleted. For the convenience of users outside of Russia there is an easy to use virtual keypad. These rules are also true for profile names (excluding words written in transliteration) and for the information that they contain. Languages other than russian can be used in special section of forum.
2.2 Observe conventional rules of conduct. Foul language in all its manifestations and on all known languages, insulting tracker users and any actions contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation are srtictly prohibited. If you think you have been insulted please contact the moderators. Be mutually respectful and polite in the statements you make.
2.3 Before asking a question on the forum try to find and familiarize yourself with all the information about the issue on the tracker and forum.
2.4 Meaningless and vapid remarks, a flow of repetitive and/or unnecessary information ("flood") and mesages inapplicable to the discussion topic ("offtopic") are prohibited on the tracker and forum. This also includes messages consisting only of smilies. Usage of exclusively capital letters in messages is also not welcomed, because they may be perceived by the users of the trakcer as a shout (for example, WHAT DO I DO?) and are stricking to the eye. Cluttering up of the forum with topics of the same type is aslo considered as flood (such topics will be deleted by the moderator without explanation).
2.5 It is prohibited to use red color in discussion on the tracker and forum, and also in signatures, This color is a privilege of the administration.
2.6 It is prohibited to ask for the modification of the status of the download to "free download". The decision about the status is made only by the person who created the download.
3.1 Continue uploading the torrent until your ratio reaches 1.
3.2 All technical questions about downloads (how to install, how to view) can be asked in the comments to the download or in the corresponding topic of the forum.
3.3 The download should be discussed only in the coresponding topic on the forum, if it has been created (this is usually noted in the description of the download). Otherwise, the it is discussed in the comments to the download.
3.4 You can thank for the download in the corresponding section of the forum or using the "Thank you" button in the download.
3.5 If you notice a violation of the rules in the download please report them to the moderator by a private message or using the automated system ("complaint" line in the description of the download).
3.6 If the download is not working or doesn't correspond to the description of the torrent, please report the problem with a detailed explanation with a link to the download to the moderator immediately.
4.Avatar usage.
4.1 Avatars with religious, political, violent and pornographic themes are prohibited.
4.2 We recommend that the image is 100 pixels in width by 100 pixels in height, the size of the file shouldn't be above 150 KB.
5.Inquiries and suggestions.
5.1 If you can't see the "Make a request" link in the Requests section of the tracker this means that your rating isn't high enough to make a request. In this case you shouldn't try to make requests on the forum.
5.2 Requests and sugestions that don't comply with the template or not fully filled out are deleted without a notice.
5.3 Recurring attempts to make a request or suggestion that violate the above statement are punished by a warning.
5.4 Requests are published without any obligations to their fulfilment, so if you don't get a reply to your request please don't write comments like "So no one has is" or "So when are you going to post it?".
6.General rules for uploaders.
6.1 It is prohibited to upload any copyrigthed material (video, audio, text, etc.) if you don't have a copyrigth owner licence.
6.2 Video content of a low quality (CAMRip, TS or TC) can be uploaded only in the following order: CamRip, then TS and finally TC. When the licensed disk with the video or DVDRip on the Internet all the next issues should be only in DVDRip format, even if this video hasn't been given out on the tracker. This rule isn't applicable to TVRiP or serial releases.
6.3 Be sure to check your torrent in the client before uploading it to the tracker. After uploading the torrent to the tracker download it to you hard drive and use only this version for distribution! When registering the distribution it is necessary to indicate the number of video files (CAMRip, TS, TC, DVDScr, DVDRip, SATRip, TVRip, etc.) and the language of the interface of the programms or games. We try to support a high quality of materials distributed by the users on the tracker. Since there is a very large amount of low-quality DVD, made from CAMRip, TS, TC or MPEG4, that some "release-groups" and individual users use for their rips, we must toughen our requests to distributors. Rips from these "DVD" can not be marked on our trakcer as DVDRip (TC is a better indication). In our notion DVDRip is a type of licensed DVD in the 5th zone or a rip from a licensed DVD not in the 5th zone, rescored by imposing or substituting of the audiotrack. The administration has a good understanding of release quality, so if you have any doubts or questions you can always contact them. If the administrator changed the type of your release in the name don't try to dispute this decision or rename your download: it will be deleted. Please, distibute only high-quality materials!
6.4 All the uploads must be correctly formed, named and contain detailed information. The uploader should know what he uploads and the user should know what he downloads. Please use the templates designed especially for that purpose.
6.5 Don't protect your uploads with passwords!
6.6 If there are no special need don't upload the materials in archives (especially multimedia files - .avi or .mp3). If it is necesary to provide an archive file please use .zip or .rar formats.
6.7 Make sure that you will be able to support the distribution for a sufficient time. Please try to stay connected 24/7. If you encounter any problems in the process of distribution be certain to report that in the comments to the torrent.
6.8 If you are using superseed mode please report that in the comments to the upload.
6.9 You must suport the distribution until there are six downloaded or three seeders. If there are no seeders among the first six dowloaded please report that to the moderator with a link to the upload.
6.10 Incorrectly designed torrents will be deleted form the tracker without delay.
6.11 YOU must regularly make uploads. Violation of this rule will be punished by lowering the class level to Ordinary User (consult the FAQ).
6.12 It is strictly prohibited to ask for thanks, respects or promotion of the torrent rating. Violators may be banned without any warnings.
6.13 The names of the torrent files must be only in english.
6.14 Distribution of materials without a russian voice translation is prohibited. Subtitles are not considered as a full translation, so materials with only subtitles are prohibited.
6.15 The distribution of DVD materials in which the main videoline has been reencoded. For example, a DVD is officially released in the DVD9 format, and if a DVD5 format can be obtained by deleting additional materials and/ or audiopaths, but not reencoding of the main videoline, than this distribution is permissible. At that you must indicate how the DVD has been modified.
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