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General questions
User information
Uploading or seeding (Uploading)
Decoding the announcer mistakes and their solutions
How can I increase the speed of torrent download?
Proxy servers. Working with the tracker from a proxy server.
It is prohibited to go onto the tracker. The account is blocked.

General questions
What is BitTorrent client? How can I download all the stuff?
You can get your replies here .

How are you going to spend donation money?
We are up to buying a dedicated server for fast and stable service of the tracker. Now we are giving them for the hosting.

Where can I find sources of the tracker?
You can find them here. Please note that the administration of the tracker doesn't manage the technical support, that's why reponsibility for using these sources lies on you.

User information
I registered an account on the tracker but I haven't received a verification letter.
Try to register once more. Pay attention to the fact that if the verification letter didn't arrive the first time it is likely you won't get it the second time. You can also use another mail address. Probably the verification letter was identified as spam, you can check the spam section too.

I've forgotten my account name and\or password, can you remind me please?
Use this form, please, to get your registration data on the e-mail.

Can you rename my account?
No, we cannot rename the account.

What is ratio?
Ratio is a correlation between your uploaded and downloaded files. You can find your current ratio on the information panel above, right under your name.
It is crucial to sense the differrence between the general ratio and the ratio for the particular torrent file, which you download or seed. General ratio is calculated from the sum of all your upload and downlod parameters from the moment of your registraion on the tracker. Ratio of the particular torrent file considers only the amount of uploaded\ downloaded data for the particular file.
There are two more types of indicating your ratio: "Inf." - by Infinity - which means you haven't downloaded anything yet, but the amount of your uploaded data isn't null; or "---", that stands for "unavailable", - which means you have no uploaded or downloaded data.

How can I increase my ratio?
It's very simple - upload more than you've downloaded and your ratio will automatically rise.

Why is my IP-adress represented on the details page?
Don't worry about others seeing your IP, they don't; this data is available only for you and for the administration of the tracker.

Help me, please! I can't log on to the tracker!
Sometimes that problem appears while using Internet Explorer. Close all the windows of Internet Explorer, then open your Internet Options in the Control Panel. Press Delete Cookies button - that must help.

I have a dynamic IP-adress. What do I need to do to use your tracker?
You don't need to do anythig. Just login with your current IP when starting up a new torrent session (when you select a new torrent file). Even if your IP changes during the session, downloading or uploading will continue, and stats will refresh automatically.

Why does the torrent client give me a message that it is impossible to cnnect to the tracker (the number in the Port line is red)?
The tracker found that you are behind a firewall or NAT, and your computer is inaccessible for a direct connection (in other words, the port in closed).
This means that the other users of the exchange can't connect to you and you can only connect to them.
To solve this roblem you have to open the port that is used for incoming connections (the same as in you torrent client settings), in the firewall and /or the settings on your NAT-server (if required, please consult the documentation for your router and/or the technical support forum of the manufacturer of your equipmente; you can also find the neccessary information here: PortForward)

What user classes are there on the tracker?
Leecher - users with a low ratio are dropped to this class. They can't download new torrents while they can distribute old ones.
User - this is the default class for new users. They can download not more than 60 torrents at once.
Advanced user - These users can download not more than 60 torrents at once.
Rėmėjas - These are users that made donations to the tracker. The account of these users isn't deleted automatically due to inactivity. Also, these users are not dropped to the Leecher class becasue of low ratio, but can still get warnings about low ratios.
VIP - these are the elite users of the tracker, somewhat analogous to the advanced users. They are immune to dropping in class. there are no limitations in amount of simultaneously downloading torrents. The amount of distributed and downloaded files isn't taken into account.
Uploader - analogous to the Advanced user class, but these users can upload files to the tracker. Can be lowered in class if doesn't upload any torrents in 3560 days.
Moderator - these users can modify and delete any uploaded torrent, moderate other users and their comments, and block accounts.
Administrator - can do anything he likes. :)
SysOP - the owner of the website ().

What rules can be applied to the users?
Leecher - if you have been registered on the tracker for more than 7 days and have a low ratio you will be automatically lowered to this class with a preliminary notification. THe Administration of the website reserves the right to lower you without any warnings or notifications.
Advanced user - if you have been registered for more than 4 weeks, distributed at least 25Gb and have a rating of 1.05 or higher. Also, you will be automatically lowered in class if your rating falls below 0.95.
Rėmėjas - this class is issued to users that donated some money to the tracker and informed Nafania.
VIP - this class is issued to users that did something special for the tracker (they are appointed moderators).
Pleading for a VIP-status will be severely punished!.
Uploader - users are appointed to this class by the administrators or owners of the tracker (check the "Uploading"section).
Moderator - it's not you asking us, it's us asking you. :)

Why can't my friends register on the tracker?
This means that at the present time the tracker is over the maximum limit of users. Accounts that are inactive for more than 28 days are automatically deleted. Those that want to register should try it later (there is no waitlist or reservation system on the tracker, please don't ask about it!)

How can I add an avatar to my profile?
First you have to pick a picture that matches the rules. Next, you need to find a website, for example Photobucket or Upload-It!, where you can post your picture. The URL address that will be given to you upon posting the picture should be placed in the Avatar line in your profile.
Please, don't make posts on the forum just to test your avatar. If everything was done correctly you will see your avatar on personal page

What is account parking?
The tracker uses a system of autocleanup of inactive accounts. If your account is inactive for a sufficient period of time it will be automatically deleted. Account parking is necessary to prevent it from being deleted in this process. If you are leaving somewhere for a while, please park your account in your profile and you won't have to worry that it has been deleted. Although parked account will be deleted as well, the inactivity time for that to happen is much longer than for unparked account: 175 days!

What does the sign next to the torrent in the list mean?
This sign is given to "free" torrents. This means that during downloading only the amount of sent information will be taken into account. All information downloaded from this torrent won't be noted in the global statistics.

What does the sign next to my name mean?
This sign means that you have received a warning about violating the rules of the tracker. The reason for the warning, its length and the username of the person who gave it to you are sent to you in a personal message. This warning means that there will be several restrictions for you on the tracker:
1) you can't download more than one torrent at one time,
2) you can't give respects or antirespects to people.

А что это за цифра рядом с моим ником и непонятные цифры рядом со словом Репутация?
Цифра с вашим ником означает ваш уровень на трекере, а репутация - количество полученных очков репутации. Чем больше у вас очков репутации, тем выше ваш уровень.

Как же повысить свой уровень и количество очков репутации?
Очки репутации выдаются за разные полезные действия. Например за загрузку торрентов, выполнение запросов по торрентам, полезные сообщения на форуме и в комментариях. Чем больше полезных действий вы будете выполнять, тем выше будет ваша репутация на трекере.

Что такое "польза" у сообщений на форуме и в комментариях? Она как-то связано с этими уровнями и репутацией?
Да, связана. Польза сообщений изменяется другими пользователями путём нажатия стрелок. Если вам нравится сообщение или комментарий какого-либо пользователя или в комментарии написана полезная информация, то не поленитесь и нажмите на стрелочку вверх. Таким образом вы увеличите репутацию того пользователя, который оставил сообщение.

What is "My bonus"?
This is a unique function of the tracker. "My bonus" - are bonus points that you get in the process of seeding (distributing) a torrent.

What do I get a bonus for?
For every hour of seeding you will get a bonus worth 0.5 points. The bonus is based only on the time and doesn't depend on the amount of seeded torrents.

Что такое bbcode (бибикод) и какие есть теги на сайте?
BBcode это специальный язык разметки для форматирования сообщений. Список поодерживаемых тегов вы можете узнать, пройдя по этой ссылке - Полный список тегов

The most common reasons why the statistics are not renewed:
1) the user is a cheater.
2) the server is overloaded and isn't responding. When possible , don't close the session before the server doesn't start working again (flooding of the server by manual renewal of the page isn't recommended.
3) an unstable/non-working torrent-client. If you want to use the experimental version of the torrent-client do so at your own risk!

Helpful tips:
1) if the torrent that you are downloading/uploading isn't reflected in the list of your downloads, please wait for some time or manually renew the webpage.
2) please be sure that you closed your client correctly and that the tracker received the "event=completed" message.
3) if the server is down for a period of time don't stop uploading. If it will be restored before you find a client the statistics will be automatically renewed.

What torrent-clients can be used on the tracker?
At this moment the tracker renews the statistics correctly when using any torrent-client (except for those banned of course). Nevertheless, we strongly discourage you about using the following clients:
• BitTorrent++,
• Nova Torrent,
• TorrentStorm.
These clients treat cancellation/stopping of a torrent session. If you are using them there may be a situation when the torrents will be shown in details even after uploading or closing the client.
Also, using test version clients is not recommended (alpha or beta).

Why is the torrent that I am downloading/uploading represented numerous times in my profile?
If for some reasons (for example, an urgent rebooting of a computer or unresposiveness of the client) you client finished the job incorrectly, and you refreshed it, you will be given a new "peer_id", or in other words you upload will be identified as a new (different) torrent. The server will never receive a "event=completed" or "event=stopped"message and will show it in the list of you inactive torrents for some time. Don't pay attention to that, this glitch will be gone soon.

I ended or cancelled a torrent. Why does it still show in my profile?
Some clients, especially TorrentStorm and Nova Torrent don't send the server a message of completion or cancellation of a torrent. In these cases the tracker will way for a message from you client and will show download/upload for some time. Don't pay attention to that, in a while the torrent will be gone from the list of active torrents.

Why are there torrent in my profile that I've never downloaded?!
When the torrent session is started the tracker uses a passkey to identify the user. It is possible that someone stole or found out your passkey. Please change it in your profile if this occurs. Please note that after changing your passkey you will need to re-download all your active torrents.

Many IP addresses or can I work with the tracker from different computers?
Yes, the tracker supports multiple sessions from different IP addresses for one user. The torrent is associated with the user when he or she starts an upload, and only at this moment the IP address is important. In other words, if you want to download/upload from computer A and computer B using the same account, you should log onto the site from computer A, start the torent, and then do the same from computer B (two computers are only an example, there is no limit to the amount, it is only important to do both steps on both computers). You don't need to re-login again after closing the client.

How can NAT/ICS ruin the process?
When using NAT you must tune different ranges for torrent clients on differnet computers and create NAT rules on the router (the details of tuning are beyond the range of these FAQ's, please refer to the instructions to your equipment and/or the technical support forum). Frequently there is no way to configure routers according to you judgement in networks, so you will have to use the tracker at your own risk. The administartion isn't responsible for mistakes that are combined with NAT usage.

For those that are interested ("the anatomy" of a torrent session)
Some information about "the anatomy" torrent session" you can find here.

Uploading or seeding (Uploading)
Why can't I upload?
Only special users (Uploaders) can upload torrents.

What do I have to do to become and uploader?
First fill out this form, and then wait for the administration decision.

Can I transfer torrent files to differnt trackers?
No. Only registered users have the rights to download torrents form the tracker Streamzone, so simple copying of torrent files doesn't let other users the rights to download files from the tracker. Not to harm the reputation of Streamzone we ask that registered users use torrent files only within this tracker. Still you can use the downloaded data as you wish.

How to help with uploading, how to continue seeding of already downloaded material?
If you want to continue seeding but have already deleted the torrent file or the task from the torrent client and if the file/folder has only been moved and hasn't been renamed you need to download the torrent file from the upload page and put the location of the file/folder on your computer as the location of saving the torrent. The client will do the hash check (or you can do it youself) and will start the torrent in the seeding mode. .
If the file/folder has been renamed you will first need to return the original name of the file/folder and then repeat the steps above.
If you want to help someone with seeding and you are sue that the files that you gave are similar to the ones that he or she has please check the size of the files. To do that go to the torrent page and compare the size of files that are in the description with what you have. If the sizes are the same you will need to complete the steps described above.

What do I do with files donwloaded form the tracker?
You will probably find the answer here.

You want to download a movie, but don't know what CAMRip, TS, TC, DVDScr in the description of the torrent mean?
You should go here.

Why did the torrent that was just active all of a sudden dissapear?!
There could be several reasons: :
1) the torrent didn't comply with the rules.
2) the uploader deleted it because the release was of a low quality. It is possible that it will be substituted with a differet release later.
3) torrents are automatically deleted after TTL (Time to Live).

How can I continue downloading if the torrent is gone from the list of uploads of the torrent client because of a system error, client change or for some other reason?
Open the torrent file (extention .torrent) that has been saved on you computer or download it form the tracker. Indicate the place where the unfinished files are lcated on you computer to you torrent client. .

Why do my downloads sometimes stop at 99%?
You already have a lot of parts and the client is trying to find users that have the parts you lack or that have mistakes. So the download can stop when there are just a few percent until completion. Please wait and soon (or not so soon:) ) the client will have all the parts. This problem may also occur because of problems with torrent client usage. To test your client try using a different torrent-client, uTorrent or Azureus.

What does the message "a piece has failed an hash check" mean?
The torrent clients are checking the downloaded data for mistakes. If a portion of the data has been received with mistakes the client will automatically download that data until the mistake won't dissapear. This occurs fairly often, so don't worry about it.
Some clients have an option of automatically blocking users that constantly send parts with mistakes.

The size of the torrent is 100 Mb. How did I download 120Mb?
Note the previous question. If your torrent client is receiving parts of data with mistakes it will have to download them over and over again. So the total amount of downloaded material may be lager than the size of the actual torrent.

What is "IOError - [Errno13] Permission denied"?
To solve this problem you just need to refresh your computer. And for those interested:
IOError means there is a mistake of bring in - withdrawal and this is a mistake of your computer, and not the tracker. This happens when the torrent client can't open the downloaded files for various reasons. The most probable reason is that there are 2 clients working at the same time. For exmaple, you were trying to close a client, but it didn't finish its task and instead just became unresponsive. When you try to open the second copy of the program there will be a message like that, in othe rowrds the forst cope will block the working files.
More rarely there is a mistake in the table of arrangement of you file system (FAT or FAT32), when the downloaded files will be read with a mistake or not read at all (this is peculiar to computer with OS Windows 9x, which uses FAT or FAT32 by default, as well as with Windows NT/2000/XP, when FAT was chosen over NTFS. NTFS is better file system and it should yield problems of that sort)

What is "TTL" on the pages?
This is the Time to Live of one separate torrent. It shows when the torrent will be deleted form the server (even if it will show as active). Remember that this is the maximum number! If the torrent is inactive for a long time it could be deleted before this time.

Why isn't anything downloading even though I am using a good client? (banned clients)
It's possible that you are using one of the banned clients.
Our tracker doesn't allow the following clients or their versions:
ABC - versions below 3.01,
Bitlord - all versions,
BitComet - all versions,
BitSpirit - all versions,
Opera BT client (built into the Opera brauser torrent client) - all versions,
FlashGet - all versions.
If some of the versions of the client are banned you will need to update your client in order to use our tracker. Otherwise you will need to change the programm or you will not be able to download anything from our tracker.

Decoding the announcer mistakes and their solutions
Bad client or Etot client zabanen. Chitayte FAQ.
The torrent client doesn't work with our tracker, please change it.

Pozhaluysta obnovite versiyu svoego klienta ili smenite torrent-client
The version of the torrent client doesn't work with our tracker. Please update your torrent client or change it.

invalid port
You are using an incorrect port in your torrent client, please change it.

Missing key: XXX
When transferring data from your client the tracker doesn't get the XXX key. If everything was fine before try to stop the torrent and start it again. Otherwise change the torrent client.

Invalid passkey (NNN - XXX) or Unknown passkey. Please redownload torrent from
You have an incorrect passkey. Change the passkey on the setting panel and download active torrents from the tracker.

Torrent not registered with this tracker
The torrent that your client is looking for is not on the tracker. It was most likely deleted. Delete the task from the torrent client.

Vi kachaete slishkom mnogo torrentov! Odnovremenno mozhno kachat 60 torrentov
You are downloading too many torrents. You can download 60 torrents at once.Before downloading new torrents yuo should finish the old ones or pause them.

Vi sidiruete slishkom mnogo torrentov. Odnovremenno mozhno sidirovat 400 torrentov
You are seeding too many torrents at once. You can seed only 400 torrents at once. Pause the torrents which have a little amount of leechers or that don't have them at all. Try to seed the torrents in which the number of leechers is high or in which you are the onle seeder.

Error, your account is parked! Please read the FAQ!
Your account has been parked, you can't download torrents. Turn parking off in the settings panel.

Vi ne mozhete kachat torrenti
You can't download torrents. Probably your class is Leecher, and you don't have that option. It is also possible that the administration of the tracker prohibited downloading for your account. Seed torrents too increase your ratio and then this prohibition will be removed.

You can't leech or seed one torrent from one IP more than one time
You can't seed or download the same torrent form the same IP address more than once. In other words, for one torrent from one IP address of the user's account only one connection is allowed. Cancel the task on your torrent client.

How can I increase the speed of torrent download?
Don't try to download new torrents right after their upload, especially if you have low speed.
Let the users with wide channels download the data first, which will let other users including you download with faster speeds and without delays. The best moment to join the download is when the distribution is half way through the torrent's life, although your seeding options will be impaired because most of the users have already downloaded that torrent. Your main goal is to keep a balance between these two conditions. :)

Tune your equipment to the maximum output.
See. Why does the torrent client give me a message that it is impossible to connect to the tracker? (in the Port line the value is in red)

Cut down your upload speed.
Most of the torrent clients are tuned to a balanced data exchange between users, when the upload speed will be almost equal to the download speed. So there are times when the download speed will be directly connected to the speed of upload. For example, if users A and B are downloading the same file and A is sending B data with a high speed than B will try to give the data will the same speed and to the same extent. So a fast upload speed will lead to a faster download speed.
The process of exchanging between torrent clients A and B is proved by system messages ACKs (one of types of messages "received!"). If one of the clients can't confirm the reception of data the other user will pause the upload. This will make the speed of downloading and of uploading the torrent fall as well. To prevent these situations it is crucial that there is a balance between downloading and uploading torrents.
The most common solution is limit the speed of upload in the range of 80% of the theoretically possible. Nevertheless, you will still need a more precise tuning because for each system these parameters are picked individually. Some clients (for example Azureus) can limit the general speed of distribution, others (for example Shad0w's) will allow to make limitations for each specific torrent. Remember that a part of your channel is being used by other programs that need Internet access.

Limit the number of simulateneous connections.
Some operationals systems (like Windows 9x) take badly a big amount of simultaneous connections and may even become unresponsive. Also, some home routers (especially when NAT and/or firewall in the scanning mode are working) may lower the speed of the connection and may become unresponsive when there are many active connections. In this case there isn't one universal solution to the problem and you will need to choose the optimal amount of simultaneous connections experimentally (we recommend somewhere between 60 and 100). You also have to note that this includes all working programs on your computer.

Limit the number of simultaneous uploads.
Hasn't this been answered above? Not really. Limiting the amount of uploads means lowering the number of participants that you are distributing them to. Using a large amount of uploaded torrents doesn't mean an increase of effectiveness of your client in the upload routine. There are cases where this leads to dropping speeds of uploads because inactive torrents "interfere" with active ones. The optimal value of this parameter is directly connected to the speed of your physical connection and is picked experimentally.

Don't hurry with connecting to the upload.
As said above, users share data with those that are more actively distributing. When you are just starting to download a new file you won't need to exchange with other participants and they will ignore you. The result of this can be a drop in download speed, especially when the total amount of seeders is limited. The speed of download should increase when other seeders connect to the upload and the total amount of parts you downloaded will rise to a certain level.

Why do pages open so slowly when I'm downloading something?
Your Internet connection speed has a final value and is connected to physical capacities of your connection, and also you tariff plan. A high speed of torrent downloads leads to a drop in serfing speed, e-mail, etc. because you torrent client practically "captures" all the possible line of connection. To exclude these situations you need to lower the speed of download, in your client, or separate torrents (these functions are present in almost all clients). If these functions don't exist you can refer to NetLimiter.

Proxy servers. Working with the tracker from a proxy server.
What is a proxy server?
This is server-mediator through which your computer "communicates" with the Internet. The proxy servers can be roughly separated into two classes: clear and anonymous. The differnece is that clear proxy give your IP adress when interracting with a website over the Internet, while anonymous don't. Information about using a proxy is reflected in the field HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR of a standard heading of an HTTP-request.

How do I know if I am behind a proxy or not?
Go to the website ProxyJudge. After processing the request you will receive an HTTP heading, read by a text server. The most important parameters in the heading are REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_VIA and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, excatly they show if yuo are using a proxy, what is you real IP adress and the IP adress of the proxy, what you use (not always possible for anonymous proxy servers).

Why does it say that I can't connect although I'm not using NAT or firewall?
Our tracker is "promoted" enough in the question of detecting your real IP address. At that, if you are using a proxy it is required that the proxy always sends HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR in the heading. If the proxy of your provider doesn't do that the tracker will go to the proxy server when trying to see if you are using NAT because it thinks that the IP address that it gets is your own. Because the proxy server can't process the tracker's request, the tracker assumes you are using NAT or firewall and there is no connection.

Is there a way to bypass the proxy server of my provider?
If your provider allows only traffic through an HTTP-port (the 80th one) you can try to use SOCKS proxy server. The usage and tuning of SOCKS is beyond these FAQ.

How do I make my torrent client use proxy?
Using a proxy is possible both in a standard Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, as well as in alternative browsers (like Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and others). The only difference is that when using IE all teh traffic through teh HTTP-port will go through the proxy server, while other browsers allow to use the proxy just for specific programm-browser. You can't use proxy servers for torrent clients.

Why can't I register behind a proxy?
The rules of the tracker prohibit you from making new account when using proxy.

Are these rules are also true in other torrent-trackers?
These rules were specifically written for our tracker. All specifics of working with other trackers can be found in their rules.

It is prohibited to go onto the tracker. The account is blocked.
Blocking the user with recording the IP address to the black list of the tracker.
On our tracker all IP addresses that were recorded in the PeerGuardian database are blocked, and also IP addresses of banned users. This blocking is true only for IP adresses, this is why all users that work from these addresses are blocked. Because of the tracker policies we don't take down blocks from IP addresses, especially if they have been recorded in the PeerGuardian database. To unblock your account you will have to request that the IP address is removed from the black list in the specific service.

The IP adress is blocked from the side of your provider.
It is unlikely that your provider actually blocked our tracker by the IP address. Probably this is connected to incorrect network setting of your Internet connection or problems of the tracker address by DNS servers that you use. Otherwise there is nothing we can do to help you. The only thing you can do is to contact the technical support of your provider to unblock your IP address of our tracker or try to change your Internet provider.



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